What do I learn today to get a dev job?

Believe it or not, JavaScript and React are still the first things I would learn if I was starting from scratch.

One could say - “JS and React have had a BOOM period for some time. They will come back to the ground soon.”

But that’s not true. Both JS and React ecosystems keep on innovating.

Recently, Microsoft launched React Native for MacOS.

This might change the field of MacOS development, and a good chunk of Swift or Electron apps will be written in React Native.

The React team recently launched Suspense and before that Hooks which are game-changers in UI development.

JS is not behind either. Both the ECMA and the Node team keep on releasing new versions and specifications regularly.

Recently Deno launched which is a new runtime for JS and TS.

Also, the wide-adoption of TypeScript is helping JavaScript “haters”, programmers that despise loose-typing (Java, C#, Go programmers) to use JavaScript.

Overall, the future of React and JS looks bright for at least the next 3 years, if not more.

So you can confidently start or change your career on this stack.