Dev Letters is a new project of mine.

Actually, I wanted to blog and all and I didn't know what I should write about.

But then, I remembered that I have been programming for 5+ years and I have my fair share of experiences.

So I started this blog. However, there is a twist.

This is a mailing-list first blog. Meaning, the post (or letter) first gets sent to the mailing list and then to the blog.

Why you ask?

Because if you are interested in this blog, I don't want you to miss a post. I am sure each post will add value to your developer experience.

And if you are not that interested, it's fine too. You can just visit the website and read all the old posts.

Btw, since I only have 5 years of experience as a developer, I can't talk about many advanced things.

That being said, this blog is aimed at everyone, from wannabe developers (fresh college grads or school students) to anyone looking to learn a few things from another fellow developer.

I plan to post once every 2-3 days in this blog.

The posts won't be very long. So it would roughly take you around 3 minutes to go through a post. Just like this one.

That's another reason why I am emphasizing so much on subscribing via email.

Btw, don't expect the posts to contain code. You can find code based tutorials everywhere.

This blog is more focused towards sharing experiences and stuff.

I will invite other fellow developers to share their fundas too so the audience can have as much knowledge as possible.

So that's the intro, see you in later issues.