I see many new developers and even some senior developers going by a .in or even a .tk for their websites.

But this is short-sighted. Why?

Because you might move out of India. Or you might work for US and UK companies remotely. In that case, .in is not the ideal TLD you want for your domain. And .tk is not even worth a mention. It’s available for free and it doesn’t make a good impression of you.

Get a .com if possible. If your name is too common, get a .io or .tech or .co or .net. Anything less than that is selling yourself short.

Saving $7/year by getting a .in instead of a .com might look like a deal when you are starting as a developer but after a few years, you will regret saving $28 by not getting a .com.

So do it right whilst you still have time (SEO!) and get a proper domain.

Otherwise, you will be like me, renewing your .in domain every year (aviaryan.in) till the end of the universe so that you can permanently redirect its traffic to your .com domain.