I have quit the startup that I founded with my friends. It was fun while it lasted but I realized this wasn't for me so it wasn't right going forward.

What's next?

I am looking to explore more into life now. This means visiting new places and trying out different things. Don't get me wrong, my main domain of experimentation still remains tech and related areas but I want to do more as I did back in 2013.

To be more precise, these are the goals going forward.

  1. Travel and try out different cultures.
  2. Build more. I launched 25+ products in 2013 when I was 17. I know the number doesn't matter but it still tells something. I can do better now, and I would like to because being stuck at age 17 as the most kickass year of your career is not cool.
  3. Explore new and unpopular technologies. Lurk around hidden corners of the Internet and learn weird things.
  4. Try to become a successful indie maker.

Indie maker

My most important reason to quit would be becoming an indie maker and building things I am passionate about. I don't know if I have what it takes to be successful in this field but I want to give it a shot before deciding this is not for me.

Also, this will put me in the groove to build things efficiently and I guess this will be helpful if I eventually decide to join a software company.

I will also keep freelancing on the side via Toptal to earn some bucks from time to time but it's not a high priority.

Indie making strategy

To test out myself as an indie maker, I will do what everyone else does, build things. I plan to launch at least 2 products in this month (December 18) and then probably one product per month. 2 products in this month because since I left the startup, the major work I did this year has been basically set to 0. I need to get some "progress" points before going to next year.

I plan to make a mix of profit and non-profit things in this building spree. Non-profit because they are easily adopted and hence influence more lives in general (yeah I want to make the world a better place).

Another bad news

I just found out that crypto portfolio is down by 90%. I invested around $4000 and I have $400 left. That's a $3600 loss for now. $3600 = 250k INR which is a good amount by Indian standards. In fact, you can easily live a year in India with that amount.

So life looks pretty fucked up right now. It would be interesting to see how it goes from here. I will update this post later with links to other posts in this category.

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Cheers ๐Ÿป

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