I just realized my blog was looking somewhat bloated with all the text holders floating on both the sides so I decided to redesign it.
The last time I wrote about this blog, it had a centered content container with left side occupied by a boneless sidebar and some rounded containers and the right side had a couple of buttons.

While browsing through the Internet and bumping into clean (bootstraped) jekyll-based sites , I realized that it is better to give content as clean a view as possible. Also extra things like sidebars and menu bars should keep optimum margins from the content. It also striked me that items should be placed as symmetrical as possible for the perfect viewing experience.

Keeping these in mind, I started working on a minimal flat theme which will give ample highlight to the post keeping accessory contents clean and organized. I also gave a nice design to the tags

The result, I hope is a much more cleaner theme than before. And yes I am still not using any readymade libraries and frameworks. So the website is still superfast.